Record of Justice

A woman proceeding through a corridor to the coatroom fell to her death through an illegally constructed and maintained trap door, which laid open behind the doorway of coatroom floor. The landlord and tenant denied any liability.

A young man who was a minority shareholder in a corporation that ran a private swim club and restaurant was barred from participating in the business and sharing in its profits. The remaining shareholders refused to allow him to work in the business and declined to purchase his interest in the business at fair market value.

A family physician was charged with Medicaid Fraud and accused of owing the State of Ohio more than $300,000 in monies for reimbursements that he illegally obtained. A large, prestigious law firm advised him to pay the State of Ohio the entire amount.

A man, who is a mid-level executive at a large corporation and father of six girls, was criminally charged for improper sexual contact with one of six his daughters during a controversial divorce. His divorcing wife sought imprisonment and no contact with any of his children.