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Ohio recognizes that each parent has certain rights and responsibilities to care for their minor children during and after a marriage. Towards this end, parents are encouraged to work out child custody arrangements as well as a parenting plan during the divorce process. Unfortunately, this is not always possible and when parents cannot agree, the courts will make a final decision. Your Cleveland child custody lawyer can help you reach an agreement or help you understand what factors the court will agree upon.

Divorce and Child Custody

Divorce causes everyone’s emotions to run high and this is even more pronounced when children are involved. It is important you discuss your concerns about your children with your Cleveland child custody attorney including any special health, education or other needs that could have an impact on your child. Parents should always attempt to put their differences aside and consider what is in the best interest of their children.

Any issues that pertain to child custody including paternity, abuse or neglect, drug or alcohol use or physical or emotional limitations of parents should be disclosed to your Cleveland child custody attorney. Only when a clear picture of what factors may impact the court’s decision, should the parents be unable to reach an agreement, can your child custody attorney understand the problems you are facing.

Child Custody and Shared Parenting

Negotiating a child custody agreement is never easy because it does not feel natural to either parent. However, there are cases where shared parenting plans can be worked out by the parents and they can reach an agreement rather than leave those decisions to the courts. One of the issues the courts will look at is how willing each parent is to keep the other parent involved in the child’s life. This is important as a child has the right to the affection and care of both parents. Your Cleveland child custody attorney can explain the laws to you and make sure your interests are protected in court.

When Courts Decide Child Custody

If you and your Cleveland child custody lawyer are unable to find common ground with your spouse, the court may have to decide which parent will have physical custody. The court will take numerous factors into consideration that are all based on the best interest of the child including:

  • How well adjusted is the child – this pertains to how the child is functioning at home, in school and with community participation. The courts are typically unwilling to disrupt the life of a child who is well adjusted.
  • Other members of the family – the courts will review the relationship with each parent as well as other siblings and grandparents when making a custody decision. This is important to the child’s well-being since a divorce often causes rifts in family relationships.
  • Child’s special needs – if a child has any specific needs pertaining to their health or education, the court will likely take this into consideration when determining child custody arrangements.


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Divorce and Child Custody

A Cleveland child custody lawyer who has experience handling the various issues you are facing during a divorce can help you understand what options are available to you and help you understand the potential outcomes of child custody cases. Keep in mind, there are instances when paternity will need to be established and the courts will also be determining child support payment issues.
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