Business Law

Before entering into a business transaction, it is important to understand the laws and regulatory schemes, which control the business deal being negotiated. Commercial law, sometimes known as business law, is the body of law, which governs business and commercial transactions. It is often considered to be a branch of civil law and deals both with issues of private law and public law.

Commercial law includes choice of entity decisions, corporate contracts, employment agreements, which govern hiring practices, and agreements, which control the manufacture and sale of consumer goods. It can also be understood to regulate banking transactions, corporate divorces, business succession planning, the purchase and sale of businesses, and the tax consequences of each previously mentioned activity.

In the United States, commercial law is the province of both the United States Congress under its power to regulate interstate commerce and the states under their police power. Efforts have been made to create a unified body of commercial law in the U.S.; the most successful of these attempts has resulted in the general adoption of the Uniform Commercial Code.

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