Child Support Lawyer Cleveland

One of the more contentious parts of the parental relationship is child support. Whether a couple has been married or they had a child out of wedlock, both parents are required to participate in the financial well-being of their child. Once paternity has been established, whether by default of being married or through filing an Affidavit of Paternity, both parents are held financially responsible.

Cleveland Child Support Payments

In nearly all cases, child support payments are payable to Ohio’s Child Support Payment Central (CSPC). This may be done by attaching wages, having an automatic payment set up through the payor’s checking account or by mailing checks into the department. Once the payments are received they are processed and paid to the recipient on a regular basis.

Child Support Payment Calculations in Cleveland

In most cases, child support is set by CSPC based on a specific formula which takes into consideration all income received by each parent. CSPC is not able to deviate from this formula which sets a fixed amount of child support as well as medical support payments which must be paid. However, in some instances, it may be necessary to work with a Cleveland child support attorney to request modifications. This may only be done through the courts.

Why Hire A Cleveland Child Support Lawyer

In some instances, there are special circumstances which may have to be reviewed by the courts to modify a child support payment in Columbus or Cleveland. In these cases, you would have to work with a child support attorney. Some of these circumstances include:

  • Child’s needs – if a child has any type of special needs including medical, education or physical needs that could be costlier, the court may order additional child support payments.
  • Parenting time – when parents have joint or shared custody of a child, the amount of child support payments may be reduced to ensure neither parent is getting additional benefits from support payments. Remember, child support payments are designed to benefit the child.
  • Remarriage or cohabitation – in some instances, the court may order additional support payments if the person paying support remarries or begins sharing expenses of their household. If the person receiving child support in Cleveland remarries or begins sharing household expenses, there is a possibility the court may reduce the amount of child support they receive.
  • Income changes – when either parent has a disparate increase in income, it is possible the Cleveland courts may order the person pay more child support to the non-working parent or the parent with lesser income.

Changes to Child Support Payments

Another common reason to work with a child support attorney is to request modification or enforcement of child support payments. Ohio allows for review of child support orders every 36 months without requesting review. However, should one parent experience a significant change in income or the child’s needs change, a Cleveland child support lawyer can help you request the child support order be modified to reflect that change.

Child support is a complex issue and many factors may play a role in how much child support either parent may be required to pay. Whether you are going through a divorce or you have just established paternity, working with a child support attorney in Cleveland can ensure you are getting the support necessary to take care of the financial needs of your child. A Cleveland child support lawyer can also help ensure both parents are meeting their financial obligations including child support, educational costs and medical  costs of their children.


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