Pets and Domestic Violence

Often when individuals are threatened by domestic violence, they are often worried about their pets. This can pose a problem because the abuser will threaten the victim by harming their pet. There are potential options to turn to rather than stay in the abusive situation or leave your pet with the abuser. Do not leave your pets with the abuser, since it is often the case that the abuser will harm the pets as a result of your leaving. This is a very common behavior and statistically speaking likely to happen.

There are grants and programs to help when you are in such a situation. Please see for further help. You can also contact your vet or local animal shelter to determine what options you may have. Often they will be able to place your pet in a temporary foster home while you seek help.

If your pets are also victimized, remember that there are State Animal Cruelty Laws. If there is enough evidence, charges may be filed against the abuser. If your pets have been harmed in any way by an abuser, you should consider seeking help from the police.

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