Crewmember Visas (D Visa)

D visas are nonimmigrant visas available to foreign nationals entering the United States as crewmembers on board sea vessels or international airlines and intended to leave within 29 days. These most commonly include the following: pilots or flight attendants on commercial airplanes; captains, engineers, or deckhands of sea vessels; and service staff on cruise ships. However, D Visas are not available to crewmembers in the United States for other purposes including servicing a ship docked in the United States, working on board a private yacht sailing out of a foreign port and into the U.S. for more than 29 days, and remaining in the United States as a tourist after employment as a crewmember ends. These individuals must instead apply for and obtain other nonimmigrant visas for entry into the United States.

Those entering the United States as a passenger on one vessel with the intention of joining another vessel as a crewmember must have a C-1/D Visa. Spouses and children of D visa-holders may enter the United States on a B-2 visa.

For more information on the C-1 transit visas or to apply, please visit the U.S. Department of State website.

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