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About Us

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Firm Philosophy
Our firm philosophy is based on the notion that when our attorneys start with an honest and diligent effort to determine the facts of a client’s situation, the right decisions become self-evident.  At Raslan Pla & Company, LLC, our attorneys strive for the best outcome.
Firm Reputation
Raslan Pla & Company, LLC has earned the reputation of being skilled negotiators and tenacious advocates of our clients’ rights. Our attorneys have the discipline to confront the harshest and most severe facts of our clients’ legal predicament, whatever the circumstances may be.


At Raslan Pla & Company, LLC, our diverse group of employees can communicate with our clients in Arabic, Russian, and Spanish, making it possible for our non-English speaking clients to better understand the legal issues they are facing. As a consequence of our language skills, Raslan Pla & Company, LLC has assisted clients throughout the United States and in the Bahamas, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Lebanon, Russia, Ukraine, and Saudi Arabia.

Personal Attention

Raslan Pla & Company, LLC prides itself on providing personal and high-quality legal representation to all of our clients. We understand that for most people, facing a legal conflict is one of the most stressful and challenging times in their lives. While our attorneys cannot guarantee what the outcome of a client’s matter will be, our attorneys assure our clients that we will work diligently towards a positive resolution of their legal matter. Our clients are kept informed on all aspects of their matters and advised of any option available to them.

Experienced in Business and Law

At Raslan Pla & Company, LLC, our attorneys had extensive business backgrounds before entering the practice of law. Attorney Lila Dawud Raslan worked in a variety of capacities for a major insurance company and owned several businesses. Attorney Jorge Luis Pla is also an accountant who worked for two multinational corporations as well as owned his own business. As a consequence of our extensive business backgrounds before entering the practice of law, our attorneys are well-qualified to assist clients with a variety of business issues.

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